About Us

Mike is the founder of The Imprintables who began his business while still living with his parents in a Queens New York apartment. He was working as a teacher and came up with screen printing as a fun extracurricular activity to do with the kids. After learning the process, he began making his own shirts when he needed something new to wear. Mike also gained his experience through running basketball tournaments and printing shirts for the teams.

Today, Mike is married with a son on the way. All along, he has learned a lot of valuable life lessons that he incorporates into his work. For instance, his father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when Mike was just six years old. His mom went to work everyday so this forced him to grow up and take on more responsibilities.

He watched how hard his mother worked for the family, which inspired him to have her same work ethic.

His father taught him not to be afraid to take chances to reach your goals and he also learned to treat others right and to be being willing to do a little extra or the extra mile.

In an era where businesses are trying to prove they are socially conscious, Mike doesn’t have to work to prove anything. It’s part of his heritage and it's just who he is.

The Imprintables works with schools, athletic organizations, community-based organizations, and small businesses. We serve customers in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island, North Jersey, and Yonkers/Westchester. We also do business with customers around the country via UPS ground shipping.

The company believes in treating others in business the way you want to be treated, and our team is willing to do the little extras to make customers happy and ensure they come back for their next order.

Reasons to Choose The Imprintables

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    Cutting Edge

    The team at The Imprintables stay up to date on the latest trends and equipment in printing. They use their knowledge to help you create amazing designs that your team or group will be proud to wear.

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    The Imprintables and Mike aren’t just about making another dollar. They want to help customers find solutions that meet both their needs and budget. They are always thinking long-term and thrive on returning customers.

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    Doing Business Right

    Many businesses try to win customers by projecting that they do the right thing. Mike and his team live by the code that the others. The Imprintables go the extra mile to create products that meet the goals of their customers as well as their own high standards.

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