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Custom Apparel Printing Service

Let The Imprintables help you create custom apparel for your organization or event. Whether you need a design that commands attention or brings people together, we can meet your needs. From simple statements to complex logos, our in-house design team can bring your vision to life.

Unlike other printing companies that outsource design, we do everything right here at The Imprintables. The result is a unique idea that reflect your purpose or goals.

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The Design Process

We know you want to stand out, and we can help you do that with inspiring designs. Start out with a premade design and allow us to shape it to suit your distinct needs. We can also create a logo from scratch. Tell us your ideas or show us your inspiration, and our creativity will kick in. You can even use our style guide to help you define what you’re looking for.

Here is a look at our design styles:

  • Monogram – logos inspired by company or individual initials or letters with special meaning
  • Typography – logos where the focus is on the words
  • Athletic – classic looks based on the hottest trends in sports
  • Spirit wear – traditional school spirit shirt designs
  • Vintage – retro design, often with flat emblem logos
  • Craft – hand-drawn logos for a fun look
  • Cartoon – kid-centric logos

The texture of the design can also vary. You might prefer a sleek design or one that is bubbly and bold. Abstract logos often appeal as well.

Part of creating the design is choosing the colors. You not only have to think about the colors of the shirt but of the logo and how they will work together. Your message can stand out with the right shades while it will get lost in the wrong hues. For companies and organizations that want to build designs to reflect the theme or logo of the company, they must find colors that create a cohesive image.

The Print Process

As part of our commitment to creating quality products that exceed the expectations of our customers, we offer a variety of printing options. If you already have a preferred type of printing, no problem. We can do it. However, you don’t need to worry about which method of printing is best. We always use the most cost-effective printing method to achieve the results you want.

When it comes to custom t-shirt printing, you get exactly what you want. Start with the design, then choose the shirt type and other parameters to ensure it meets your needs. Once we complete your custom order, we will deliver it directly to you.

We know how having custom T-shirts with the same logo can build team spirit within your company or make customers feel special.

Let us help you create unique products for a seminar, training sessions or a sales event that will inspire, encourage, or excite your staff or customers. Contact us and find out to get started with The Imprintables today for your next custom order.

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Common FAQ's

We print all types of apparel and swag for you organization.  We print all types of clothing items as well as promotional products, such as water bottles, key chains, sunglasses, bags and more.

Standard turn around time is 2 weeks from order approval. Most orders we get are needed faster than 2 weeks, and that's no problem for us. We can get things done in just a few days and even have some same day items. Just let us know when you need your order and we'll meet your needs. We're known to make miracles happen!

Of course! We love to help create designs. We follow all the t-shirt styles and create perfect designs to fit the look you are going for. Fill out our "need design help" form, or shoot as an email or call so we could get started on a risk free design for you.

Yes shipping is free on all apparel orders over $200. There only time we ever charge shipping is if you need orders expedited. We ship to all 50 states.

Print ready artwork is vector artwork. If you don't know what that means, or don't know how to create that don't worry. We have plenty of templates that you could choose from and graphic specialists that can assist you. We could also create designs live for you through google meets, or zoom.

We don't have any hard minimums. Some items have high set up costs so really small orders could get pricey. Due to the process of screen printing, setting up the print is the most expensive part. For that reason small orders with multiple colors may end up a little more expensive then we'd like to charge.

While we have some of the fairest prices in the industry, we know that sometimes budgets are extremely tight. When that happens let us know what you are looking for and your budget and we'll find some ways to make it work. We are always looking to find ways to save you money.

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